13 things that do not make sense




Wed, 07/08/2009 – 19:47 — jivatattva

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Subtle and Super Subtle

The Subtle and Super Subtle corporeal energies are very fascinating, sometimes awe inspiring.

I think the first one gives a good example of the extent of our innate programming. I read many years ago of these two researchers doing work on human metabolic chemical synthesis in order to understand Schizophrenia. Their theory proposed that there was a metabolic chemical companion component to the brain chemical component, and they discovered that the adrenal cortex was capable of synthesizing foreign chemicals by spontaneous generation (foreign to the body) – in this case a hallucinogenic chemical that actually triggered Schizophrenic states in patients. So in other words, the persons body was involuntarily producing hallucinogenic chemicals without any action or command on the part of the individual!

I think there may be an unseen or not yet understood underling command to the action on the part of the person, how it works seems very mystical, But why?

I think many of these things are a coaxing to the expansion of the consciousness! Pondering of mysteries creates an expansion of consciousness.

Everything in the world of the five senses operates by coercion. Because there can be no coercion in spirituality, I think these mysteries are the Lords way of helping us to expand our consciousness.


Wed, 07/08/2009 – 08:39 — Ѕantosh

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The scholar and the street sweeper…..

The Supreme Lord’s multifarious energies work in so many wonderful ways. We cannot even begin to understand them with mundane speculation and imperfect senses.


All I can say is "Krsna is great!"