Book Distribution at Home Depot by Krishna Mangala Devi Dasi

On the fourth of July Darsie and I needed to go to home depot to buy stuff for her new apartment and dirt to transplant my Tulasis .

Before we left I told Darsie “We should bring some books since we are both wearing devotional clothing and tilak, someone might ask us a question."  Even if no one asked we were going to stop someone and try to distribute a book.  We were not going to come back home till we gave a book to someone.

Without fail every time I wear a sari and tilak out other than the temple and harinam someone always approaches me and asks what is my religion, where am I from, or where to buy a sari.  On July fourth it was not any different and just as expected as we were in the parking lot loading the car, a gentleman named Oscar approach us and asked us "Where are you guys from?"  I reply by saying "She is from Texas and I’m from El Salvador"  he reply by saying "Ooohhh I thought you guys were from the middle east because of the clothes"  I told him we were Hare Krishnas and asked if he had heard of yoga before, then then I asked him if he had ever had stress which he reply yes to and I said here take these books with you, they will help you.  He happily received the books and said he was going to have his daughter also read them.

We invited Oscar to the temple and told him about our free vegetarian feast. He inquire about vegetarianism. I told him we also believe in Jesus and take his teachings to heart, and that he wasn’t unintelligent, he clearly said "you shalt not kill" and that the word kill includes all life forms not just humans. Oscar reply by saying "Oh Wow so that’s what Jesus meant" and he accepted it. He said he believes everything in this planet has a soul.  He even said, "I believe even the trees have souls" I said, “yes that is true.”

He said he felt blessed he met us and that we had been put in his path to received those books that were going to help him.

– Krishna Mangala Devi Dasi