If its worth doing, its worth doing right.



Growing up in the ‘50’s during the era of “Leave it to Beaver” and “The Lone Ranger”, black and white TV programming was presented for the whole family and to some small extent instilled family values and ethics. Now please remember, American society was somewhat peaceful having just finished the second world war and having not yet begun the next major conflict – Vietnam and the hippie revolution. At that time many slogans were prevalent and common in the vernacular of everyday life to fortify work ethics and values, two of which were “if its worth doing, its worth doing right.” and “God is in the details.”

Both of these sayings bring to light the significance of the determined attention that is usually the deciding factor between success or failure in any endeavor. Let me give you a simple example from my own daily experiences centered around my constant companion, my MAC. Whops, author ducking behind desk as Windows users throw various articles in frustration over their choice to use outdated technology that seldom works in their attempt to accomplish simple tasks. I digress, my apologies – windows machines are truly good – not. Boy I can’t help myself, again I beg your don’t abandon me despite my transgressions.

Now where was I , attention to detail, keeping your eye on the ball, doing things right, everyday example – so because I work on a user friendly MAC I often plow forward with new software programs without ever consulting a manual or the online help. This usually works for me, but often in stubbornness I allow myself to become completely frustrated in trying to accomplish the simplest of tasks when all I needed to do was “do it right,” read the instructions and follow the examples. Perhaps some of you have experienced this, maybe not. How about when you tried to assemble that pressboard desk without reading the instructions. Yea, I know you read the da…… instructions and still couldn’t set it up. Anyway you get me drift, “if its worth doing, its worth doing right.”

Wow, all these words and not one Krishna yet, just see how easily I become distracted. Lets get this rambling blog back on track, the “Krishna is in the details” track and those things which often determine weather we make noticeable progress in our daily spiritual advancement through regulated practice or simply while away in that grey foggy mist of unfocused, inattentive service. And we all know those things, those lackadaisical rounds, that nap during class, the neglect of setting aside some quality time daily for reading Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. Doing devotional service because I have to, not because I want to. Basically not remembering that this is the the most worthwhile, most meaningful, most liberating, most of the most thing I could possibly be doing for my ultimate well being.

All the great acarya’s have gone to considerable lengths to provide us with volumes of detailed instructions on how to progress in spiritual life, so much so that it is often mind boggling and we do feel overwhelmed. However, why not try a very simple application of those old ’50s axioms. Remember Krishna IS in the details and do everything for His pleasure with full loving devotion and attention. A remarkable transformation in your devotional service will gradually take place as you pay close attention to those rounds, constantly pulling the mind back to focused hearing. You will actually feel transcendental satisfaction when you actively listen to class and forgo that morning nap you didn’t really need. And, believe me or not, as you daily do your service remembering Krishna IS in the details of even the simplest of services one offers for the pleasure of His pure devotees, you will gradually begin to relish a remembrance of His transcendental pastimes which will transport you from this miserable material world to that eternal spiritual abode of unimaginable spiritual bliss.

This is the storehouse of eternal loving ecstasy that Lord Caitanya has flung open the door to, and all we have to do is drink of this transcendental nectar by selflessly spreading Krishna Consciousness to anyone and everyone we meet. And then, just as Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura explains, we will see everything around us transformed into Vaikuntha. At that time there will no question “is God in the details.”


Dulal Chandra dasa