Hare Krsna, dear devotees!
Below are some excerpts from inmates, as well as some Chaplains’ appreciation for the work done by ISKCON Prison Ministry. I hope they bring you pleasure and inspiration.


Hare Krsna, dear devotees!
Below are some excerpts from inmates, as well as some Chaplains’ appreciation for the work done by ISKCON Prison Ministry. I hope they bring you pleasure and inspiration.


“Everything here is coming along very nicely. I try to plant as many seeds of Krsna Consciousness as I possibly can. At the moment, I have one inmate in my pod with whom I am studying KC with. I put him in touch with Balabhadra Prabhu in Boise. When I received the C.C. he also received some wonderful books. He was really excited, he ran to my cell to show me what he had received. It was beautiful to see his utter joy! Hare Krsna!
Benjamin B., Buckeye, Arizona

“I had fallen away from chanting the Maha Mantra over the years, after losing the good association of bhakta Jason, and had eventually passed on all the books I had on Krishna Consciousness to other interested bhaktas at the various prisons in which I’ve sojourned.
I feel like the prodigal son spoken of in the Holy Bible, as I’ve been wandering to and fro, lost in the world of Maya. Yet, by Krishna’s boundless mercy, I am once again on the same yard (prison) as bhakta Jason, and a devotee has begun coming here once a month to share Krishna’s love for us. I am rejoicing over this great blessing and am beginning to feel alive again! We’re allowed to spend 2 hours in the presence of this devotee and are in the process of getting approval for a weekly study group for seriously interested inmates. I wonder if you could kindly provide for me a copy of Bhagavad Gita As It Is? I am certain that this one book would put me back on track. I have begun chanting again lately. It’s wonderful to have purpose in this life again. Krishna’s mercy and love have been there for me all along!”
Bhakta Edmund G., Columbia, SC

“Dear Mother Bhakti-Lata Dasi,
Thank you for the books “Life comes from Life” and “Chanting Hare Krsna”. They are beautiful. I love Prabhupada’s books. I love what how they are put together, illustrated, organized; I love everything about them, especially Krsna’s mercy which flows freely from them. The Holy Scriptures are alive as are Prabhupada’s books. Hare Krsna. I love to remember the story of the devotee of Lord Chaitanya who was illiterate, but followed the instructions of his spiritual master to read the Gita, and he was sitting with the book open upside down with tears pouring down his face. Books are such beautiful forms of Krsna, and glory to following the instructions of Sri Guru.
I began to read parts of “Chanting Hare Krsna”, and found the stories of Haridas Thakur. Thank you again, this is just the food I need. Thank you for this prasadam. May we all be so dedicated in our service to Krsna. May Krsna bless you always”
Bhakta Joel S., Coaltownship, PA

“Dear friend, first and foremost allow me to extend my deepest gratitude for your receiving my letter with and open heart, thank you. My name is Bryant. I am a friend of an inmate here, Kalki Das, who has referred me to you. I’ve been studying Buddhism for the last five years, meditating, learning and practicing the “dharma”. I have been doing my best to spread loving kindness to others, but I still felt empty… until I found Krsna about a year ago, and now I met Kalki Das. I want to learn from him. He recently told me about Lord Nrsimha; I can’t wait to hear more, learn more. I want to be with Krsna and bask in Krsna’s love, and light. As I write now I listen to the sounds of my soul and I know Krsna is in my Heart, I can feel it. I want to dance and chant. I feel awakened, over-joyed and filled with love, but also humbled. I do my best to abide by the laws; I do not eat meat, fish or eggs. Could you send me books, perhaps even CDs? I do not have any money, so maybe you could help me a little?”
Bryant Mau, Corcoran, CA


“Dear Bhakti-lata Dasi,
I received your package yesterday. Thank you so very much for your ministry, through your donations, to your fellow Hindu brothers who are detainees here, and for the enrichment and education of the general population of the facility. It is appreciated more than words can say.”
Rev. Richard G. Barnes, MDiv, Chaplain
MTC Imperial Regional Detention Facility
Calexico, Callifornia

“Wow, your generosity is amazing. The books listed below arrived today, expecting the others any day now. Thank You again for caring so much!
We have had a very positive response about Krishna from some of the institutions. We are distributing your literature, tapes, DVD’s and music.
Beads will be a great pleasure to the Inmates during their prayers! If you could send 30 sets, we will distribute them as needed by the Inmates. Also, all Inmates have access to DVD and SC players within the Chapel at the various institutions.
I want to thank you again for your response to the request of the inmates! I am relying on you to help me provide them with anything and everything that they might require for their Worship Services. I enjoy talking with the Inmates and hearing of their Spiritual progress. Chris L. has even started a small Worship Group at his Facility and I am proud to help him and the other Inmates on their paths!
I wish to thank you again for helping out! Most organizations are too willing to turn their backs on these unfortunate people. That is why I am so pleased by your response!
Thank you again, and Peace and Blessings,”
Reverend Michael Sims
Assembly of Ancient Paths Church
Ellendale, Tennessee

“We received the material you sent. Thank you for all you do. It really makes a difference.
David Muchin
Clinical Social Worker
Napa State Hospital
Napa California

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