Krishna Is The Miracle

We all want something special to happen to us, in our lives. We’d love to have some kind of miracle occur.
We’re looking for that one amazing relationship, the one that’s going to give us everything we’ve been looking for, and bring peace to our hearts.
We’re looking for that really special job, the one that fills all our needs, and uses all our creative talents, while also providing us with enough money to give us prosperity.

We all want something special to happen to us, in our lives. We’d love to have some kind of miracle occur.
We’re looking for that one amazing relationship, the one that’s going to give us everything we’ve been looking for, and bring peace to our hearts.
We’re looking for that really special job, the one that fills all our needs, and uses all our creative talents, while also providing us with enough money to give us prosperity.
We’re trying to create a family life that satisfies us, that we feel happy in and comforted by. One in which we can be proud of our family members and their accomplishments.
All of these things, we try to obtain, and we often pray for them, asking God to please grant us some kind of miracle.
Who doesn’t want these things?

Krishna Is The Miracle.

He is all of the things we are searching for and trying so hard to obtain. We just don’t understand that yet.
Inside us, all these longings are coming from needing Krishna, and being separated from Him.
No matter how many things we are able to surround ourselves with in this world, friends, family, jobs, children, lovers, spouses, etc. etc. etc., we are not going to feel satisfied until we surround ourselves with Krishna.
Until we allow our lives/selves to be surrounded by Krishna.
Until we let Krishna in. Let Him be the center of everything.
(after all, He already is anyway)
Hare Krishna. 🙂

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Tue, 12/25/2007 – 12:30 — sriranjini
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Krishna Is The Miracle

Krishna is defenitely a Miracle!!!!!

Just by hearing or speaking Krishna’s words, one is very quickly elevated to the platform of pious activites.

Simply by hearing or speaking the words spoken by Krishna, one is saved fromthe blazing fire of material existence.

Krishna’s words gives us Transcendental pleassure!!!!!!!!

Words spoken by Krishna or Words describing his activites are full of nectar

Hare Krishna!

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Thu, 12/27/2007 – 01:15 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture
Krishna’s Words

Yes, true,
So we all can do a lot of speaking about Krishna then!
: )
Thanks for your nice comments, Sriranjini.

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Sun, 12/23/2007 – 01:52 — Vashisht
Vashisht’s picture
Yes he is

Jai Shree Krishna!

Kirshna Is The Miracle
Miracle is The Krishna

Krishna is the Universe
Universe is the Krishna

Krishna is the bliss
Bliss is the krishna

Krishna is the wisdom
Wisdom is the krishna

Krishna is the truth
Truth is the Krishna

Krishna is the peace
Peace is the Krishna

Krishna is the love
Love is the Krishna

Krishna is the devotion
Devotion is the Krishna

Krishna is the Consciousness
Consciousness is the Krishna

Krishna is the Existence
Existence is the Krishna

Krishna is the spirit
Sprit is the krishna

Kishna is the absolute
Absolute is the krishna

Jai Shree Krishna!

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Tue, 12/25/2007 – 12:32 — sriranjini
sriranjini’s picture
Krishna Is The Miracle

It was a nice poem Vashist 🙂

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Sun, 12/23/2007 – 02:26 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture
Jai Sri Krishna 🙂

Hare Krishna, Dear Vashisht,
Well, this is very beautiful!!! 🙂
Thank you for sharing this lovely poem with us all!
You are so right:


Hare Krishna! 🙂


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Sun, 12/23/2007 – 03:04 — Vashisht
Vashisht’s picture
Yeap true

Jai Shree Krishna!

Krishna is Everything
Everything is Krishna

Jai Shree Krishna

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Sun, 12/23/2007 – 09:48 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture

Yes, and that looks much nicer the way you wrote it, and it fits into your poem better! 🙂
Thank you!

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Sat, 12/22/2007 – 19:24 — Vanamali
Vanamali’s picture
Hear this…dear Navasi!

Devotees are always open to one another and you are so fortunate…
and I am sure that your fortune is about to increase and expand in all directions.
Your mention of Krsna being everywhere is very much true as you are probably casting last glances on this material creation and thinking to yourself: “There is nothing else for me but my dear Krishna.”
You are truly blessed.
Forever at Your service; Your Vanamali

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Sun, 12/23/2007 – 02:32 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture

Hare Krishna, Dear Vanamali,
Thank you for your very nice comments here.
You know, you have read my mind because that is Exactly What I’m Thinking. 🙂
I also think that’s what everyone here is thinking, everyone who’s a member of this Connect Community that is, and I also think a lot of our wonderful guests who read these things written here are thinking that too.
(hello wonderful guests! 🙂
Hare Krishna!
We are all so fortunate! You’re right about that too!!! 🙂

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Sat, 12/22/2007 – 01:56 — thirtho
thirtho’s picture
true story

Hare Krishna
u wrote the right things what we ve to do.. but u r always surrounded maya…that s why we cannot find oursalves in the Krishna. we cannot realize Krishna is always with us..

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Sat, 12/22/2007 – 05:51 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture

Hare Krishna, Dear Thirtho,
Yes, you are right about Maya, she’s always there, surrounding us, that’s her job, to try to keep us from remembering Krishna.
However, if we just keep on trying, even Maya will give up, and stop trying to distract us.
Then we will again realize that we are in fact truly surrounded by Krishna, because even Maya is Krishna’s pure devotee.
That’s her service to Krishna, making certain that we are really sincere.
Very nice comments, thank you. 🙂

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Fri, 12/21/2007 – 17:28 — Krishnaowned
Krishnaowned’s picture
I Was Thinking Of This All Day!

Hare Krishna, dear Navasi! I read your blog eariler this morning, and I kept it in my mind all day. I ran off to do my (and part of my mother’s!) Christmas shopping, which made things all the more interesting. I had to focus my immediate thoughts on who I’m shopping for, what they mean to me, how much I love my family and friends, how much I can actually spend, what I can find within my means, etc. etc. etc, but underlying all that was the fact that the only relationship that will last ALL my lifetimes will be the one I’m trying to cultivate with Lord Krishna! Not only that, but without Him, I wouldn’t have a thing — no friends, no family, no happy memories of Strudel (my dog), no car, no iPod, no George Harrison music, (or any other sort, for that matter!) no job, no money to buy tokens of affection for my friends and family … all these blessings are the tiny miracles. To get to know Who made all this possible – I’m really trying to keep that in mind at all times. Sure I have my material attachments, and sure, I feel as though I enjoy all that I have. But my gratitude, my hope, my inner peace … those are the bigger miracles. But when I consider all that’s in my life, there is NO miracle that compares to Lord Krishna! You are SO right, Lord Krishna IS the Miracle!
Hare Krisha! 🙂

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Sat, 12/22/2007 – 06:04 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture
I Can Relate 🙂

Hare Krishna, Dear Krishnaowned,
Well, it sounds like you and I are on the same page again…. lol 🙂
That is exactly what motivated me to write this ….
I was thinking about how so many people are caught up right now in all the holiday things, family things, material things, etc… and what we all really need is Krishna….
But, everyone is looking for a miracle somewhere else…
It’s really wonderful what you’re saying about how even though you are running around, doing all these things, you are thinking to yourself how Krishna Is Your Miracle, and the reason you have all the things that are good in your life! 🙂
That’s so wonderful…. that’s Krishna consciousness, remembering Krishna always and never fogetting Him, no matter what you’re doing.
Inspiring to Hear!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Sun, 12/23/2007 – 10:53 — KRSNACENTERED

I have been a devotee for many years. In fact have been a very bad devotee for many a year. I understand I simply have to keep trying to be as good as Srila Prabhupada, a mighty task.

I love Sri Krsna, Srila Prabhupada, and my wonderful God Brothers and Sisters, but I do have a problem with total submission. Perhaps someone can help me with this.

I agree that Krsna is the miracle. He has been in my life for ever, and through His mercy Srila Prabhupada came into my life while I was living in NYC. I believe that Krsna is the cause of all causes and that I should worship Him accordingly, I think I do, with all respect. But as much as I try, I have to say that I find it difficult to follow as a full monk simply because of the some comments I’ve heard in temples concerning gay people.

I know for a fact there are many gay people in the movement that have left the movement because of feelings of alienation. I want to serve my Lord Krsna, but I also am appreciative of the person He has brought into my life, and do not want to give up this relationship. My partner is a wonderful person, full of love to humanity and respectful of all living things. We have a wonderful relationship, one that I feel deep in my heart Krsna has given me. Like I said above, I also believe Krsna is the Miracle, but due to my disillusionment, I still want to have a good relationship in this world; I think I have found it and that it is a gift from God.

How do I resolve this conflict? I want to be a devotee, and still have a good relationship with this good man. How do we as a community of God, make it clear to everyone that no matter what our sexual orientation is, if we serve Krsna with mind, body and soul, we should be welcomed in any temple? Has anyone any comments on this?

My goal in this life is to simply serve my spiritual master, and follow his instructions.

All glories Sri Sri Radhe Govinda!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to the assembled devotees!
Hare Krsna!

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Sat, 01/05/2008 – 04:00 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture
In The Meantime….

Hare Krishna, Dear Krishnacentered,
(nice name by the way) 🙂
I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said here….
And, I do understand, truly, I once had very good friend of mine, a devotee that I loved, admired, and respected, who taught me many wonderful things about Krishna consciousness leave the movement for this reason.
However, in the meantime, while you are sorting all this out about what is being said, or not being said in the temples you are going to….
Why does that need to stop you from “following as a full monk” as you put it?
Just because of some comments made at a certain time and place by certain persons, we don’t need to stop doing everything we can do be the best devotees we can be.
Feelings of alienation and disillusionment occur in all kinds of people for all different reasons.
There is no need of allowing these feelings to prevent you from becoming Krishna conscious, unless you choose to allow them to.
I’m not saying that’s easy, of course, but it’s never easy to become free from our material concepts and surrender to the will of Krishna.
Each one of us has different tests along the way, certain things that are thrown at us by Maya to try to convince us that we “have a reason, a very good and sound and logical reason” not to become Krishna conscious.
The real challenge and the “Mighty Task” as you’ve so aptly described it, is to prevent ourselves from allowing these challenges to become “reasons” why we cannot become Krishna conscious.
Try to remember that it is only “one particular form” of Maya, which will of course be different for each individual, since we are all individual…. but that’s really all it is, Maya trying to keep us from Krishna.
I wish you well on your path, and success.
Hare Krishna,

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Mon, 01/28/2008 – 09:28 — KRSNACENTERED
Hare Krsna Mataji

Please accept my humble obeisances. Jai Sri Krsna, Jai Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for your wise and kind words and understanding. Please excuse the lateness in my response. You are very right in your observations. I think that slowly I am beginning to understand that I expect too much from Krsna. By which I mean that I expect Krsna to perform some sought of miracle and all of a sudden I become fully Krsna conscious. Or that by some other miracle I become as good as Srila Prabhupada. I am beginning to understand how Maya has played a hand in all of this and how my mind, weak as it is, has given in each time causing me to stray from service, or blame others for my lack of understanding.

I am also very hard on myself. Not understanding the process of exploring what love of God is. I am very impatient. Yes, the words that come from people can be very painful to hear. Some devotees may still have harsh conclusions about others that are not what they may consider “right”. But I know deep in my heart that Krsna knows who I am and that all I want to do is serve.

Krsna also understands that my resistance to surrendering is out of fear of losing something I never really owned in the first place, but that I’m deluded in still thinking I do. Of Krsna’s patience and love for me, I am beginning to understand. I just need to accept this reality of Krsna protection and surrender.

I was listening to Srimad Bhagavatam class over the internet this morning (7.9.22), in which Prahlāda Maharaj prays for protection under the lotus feet of Krsna, from the miseries of the material world. The canto and purport were very inspiring to me. And so is your instruction.

There is going to be suffering and pain in this world. My duty is to surrender all of this to Krsna. I think that is the meaning of this canto and purport by Srila Prabhupada.

I am still so puffed up and attached to the conception of this world and body as being real, that I tend to forget that what is most important is my faith in Krsna. Thank you for reminding me of this.

I hope that you are well and that Krsna blesses you with more Krnsa consciousness each day.

All Glories to Sri Sri Radha-Govinda!
Jai Srila Prabhupada!

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Wed, 01/30/2008 – 13:27 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture

Hare Krsna, Dear Krsnacentered,
Yes, I know what you mean, we all need reminders.
I love what you said here “I just need to accept the reality of Krsna’s protection and surrender”….
Wow! Don’t we all! 🙂
Yes, Krsna knows our heart, that’s for sure, so all we really need to worry about is making sure it’s “in the right place”… meaning that our motives and intentions are pure and aimed at trying to serve and surrender and love Krsna more and more.
I think when we do this, we start to “transcend” all the things that others may say or do that hurt us, we can start to truly see that we’re all conditioned souls here, struggling to try to become Krsna conscious, and find forgiveness for the things that people may do that hurt us. Forgiveness, compassion, love, yet not letting these things affect our spiritual growth or influence us in a negative way just because others may have negative misunderstandings or concepts about things.
It often amazes me how literally “above it all” we can become simply by focusing on our own spiritual work, without worrying about or getting involved in what might be the shortcomings or problems of others.
It’s a very good practice, and Prabhupad talks about this a lot, finding fault only with our own selves and never with others, that’s so important for success in spiritual life.
It’s not as if we don’t have a lifetime (at least) worth of work to do on our own selves…. who has time to figure out what might be “wrong” with someone else?
With the exception of doing things to help them if they have asked us to, of course, then it’s no longer “fault finding”, it’s devotional service.
Thank you for your kind blessings of more Krishna consciousness for me, I think Krishna was working through you when you wrote that, I certainly needed those blessings right now. 🙂
I offer them in return to you, Dear Prabhu.

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Sun, 12/23/2007 – 20:11 — Karnamrita.das
Karnamrita.das’s picture

If you have been around for some time then you know the “official” word and hopefully the compassionate perspective which may be told in private—-I don’t expect that to change. Everyone should be encouraged to practice devotional service regardless of their karmic tenancies. We all have to find what is favorable to our practicing devotional service for the long haul, with the goal of completely following the rules with the goal of loving Krishna.

While this is not the place for me to discuss my liberal views regarding gay and lesbian issues, you can find devotees who will be sympathetic to the difficulties you are going through (like with the devotee organization GALVA and individual spiritual leaders who have what I consider a more progressive view on these issues). It is a big discussion with a lot of impassioned views and quotes from all sides. The main thing is not to become bitter, but try to make your conditioned nature favorable for bhakti—we all have to do that, because we all fall short in some way.

You are welcome to email me.

Your friend in Krishna,


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Mon, 12/24/2007 – 06:33 — Navasi
Navasi’s picture

We were discussing all this from a liberal and compassionate perspective over in the forum….. if anyone is interested.
Of course, emailing Karnamrita prabhu about anything is a wonderful opportunity for some fantastic association in any case, so I’d certainly do that also!!! : )
(don’t miss it! )
: ) : ) : )

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Sun, 12/23/2007 – 12:19 — NityānandaChandra
NityānandaChandra’s picture

No one should feel alienated at any temple, and no one should cause others to feel alienated. If someone comes to the temple that means they are Krishna’s personal guest. As servants of Krishna we must think how we are treating His guests. As far as homosexuality we must remember that we do not encourage any relationship that has sex as one of it benefits due to the self deluding nature of sex. Therefore a homosexual and heterosexual relationship that has sex benefits is understood to be counter productive towards self realization. Sexual relationship reinforce the concept that I am this body and the more I serve it I will be happy. But just as counter productive to Krishna bhakti is offending and criticizing a devotee who is in such a sexual relationship. Krishna declares emphatically that one who is engaged in Krishna Consciousness is a Saint for he is rightfully situated. Krishna states; BG 9.30 Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated in his determination.
So in the study guide of Gita it is stated:
“Still, the question may be raised: “How can a person who is su-duräcära (committing highly improper activities) be regarded as saintly?”
BG 9.31 He quickly becomes righteous and attains lasting peace. O son of Kunti, declare it boldly that My devotee never perishes.
Such a fixed devotee is quickly purified by his desire to remember the Lord. As Srila Prabhupäda points out, there is no need for him to perform ceremonial atonement (präyaçcitta). Devotion alone is sufficient.
Srila Vishvanätha Cakravarti Thäkura comments on verses 30-31 as follows:

One might ask, “But if someone is corrupted by such bad behavior, how can he be a sädhu?”
This is answered: “He should be considered as such and thought of as a sädhu.” “He should be considered” is an injunctive statement. If this injunction is disobeyed, there will be unfavorable consequences. In other words, “The evidence for the truth of this is that it is simply My command.”
“Well,” someone might say, “one may be considered a sädhu partially, to the extend that he is worshiping You. But to the extent that he is usurping other men’s wives and property, he is not to be considered a sädhu.”
This is answered by the word eva, only: “He should only be considered a sädhu, in all ways, completely.”
We should never view him as not a sädhu. His determination is completely fixed: “I may go to hell or obtain an animal birth because of my unavoidable sinful reactions, but I will never give up my exclusive worship of Sri Krishna.” Such determination is praiseworthy.
“But,” one might ask, “why do You accept the worship of such an irreligious person? Why do you consume the food and drink offered by one whose heart is contaminated by lust, anger and other faults?”
In response, the Lord says, “He quickly becomes religious.” This is not expressed as “He is going to quickly become” or “He will soon achieve peace.” Rather, the present tense is used: “he becomes” and “he attains.”
The Lord continues, “This means that immediately after he commits impiety, he remembers Me and feels remorse. He thus quickly becomes religious. He thinks, ‘Alas! Alas! There is no person more fallen than me. I defile the reputation of the community of devotees. Damn me!’ Again and again feeling remorse like this, he achieves complete peace and detachment.”
“Well,” one may say, “if he actually becomes religious, there can be no argument about such a person. But what about a devotee whose behavior is wicked and who fails to give up his bad behavior throughout his whole life? What can be said about him?”
Always affectionate to His devotees, the Lord responds to this doubt with complete confidence and with some anger, in the words beginning kaunteya: “My devotee never perishes. Even when he dies, he never falls down.”
To encourage Arjuna, who is disturbed with sorrow and apprehension over the thought that hard-hearted quibblers who indulge in false logic will not accept this, the Lord says, “O Kaunteya, go to the assembly of these disputants, and making a loud sound with drums and cymbals, raise your arms fearlessly and declare My promise: ‘I, Krishna, am the Supreme Lord, and even if My devotee is wicked in his behavior, he will never perish. On the contrary, such a devotee is sure to become successful.’ Their bad logic will be shattered by this confident declaration. They will certainly take shelter of you as their guru.” Such is the interpretation given by Sridhar Swami in his commentary.
Someone may ask, “But why doesn’t the Personality of Godhead Himself make this promise? Why does he instead deputize Arjuna to promise? In the same way as the Lord will later say, ‘Without a doubt you will come to Me. I promise you this because you are very dear to Me,’ why doesn’t He now say, ‘Kaunteya, I promise that My devotee will never perish’?”
Here is the answer. At that moment, the Lord was thinking, “I am very affectionate to My devotees and cannot tolerate their being discredited at all. I will often even break My own promise and let Myself be discredited to protect My devotee’s promise. For example, I will soon fight with Bhishma and discard My own promise in order to protect Bhishma’s promise. Thus atheistic, logical quibblers will only laugh if I now offer My own promise, but they will have to acknowledge Arjuna’s promise as if it were written in stone. Therefore I will have Arjuna make this promise.”