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My brain is spinning with amazement after watching the video of Citra Kavitvani from ISKCON’s Sanskrit School. Simply mind blowing. [18:51:39]

My brain is spinning with amazement after watching the video of Citra Kavitvani from ISKCON’s Sanskrit School. Simply mind blowing. [18:51:39]

Watching "Lost Village" by Lokanath Swami in temple room hosted by Gunagrahi Goswami [00:22:40

Another great program with Gunagrahi Goswami [04:17:44]

Deeply inspiring heart winning program with Gunagrahi Goswami [02:50:35]

At Srimad Bhagavatam program w/ Gunagrahi Goswami in Plano [01:36:05]

Formerly, people used to eat on golden plate, at least, the royal family, and after..throw here..paper plate, [22:25:00]

modern civilization means large-scale arrangement for killing animals and large-scale arrangement for distilling liquor [22:11:17]

W/o scientific..if somebody says in some religion.."Animal has no soul..kill as many as you like,"so thatis not dharma. [22:08:22]

Blue People of Kentucky blue but not divine [19:21:08]

I was dreaming that I was being hugged by the King of Puri who was about2 tell me some secrets of Jagannath when I was woken up 2do daipers [08:32:15]

just like one is condemned..somebody by cutting his head..Krsna’s grace he may be saved[only]accident by knife[on]hand. [01:31:13]

So he’ll strike the mirror, that "There is another bird." …"I shall defeat the other sparrow." [16:20:15]

"Krsna,kindlyStay aFewDaysMore." So Krsna, not few days more, Krsna will remain perpetually with you if you love Krsna. [15:17:44] Not that"My dear God,You have no eyes.You have no leg…"?!…indirect way of insult…If…no eyes,?called?blind…no leg,lame… [04:50:26] He loves everyone…He loves the cowsHe loves the trees… because everything is…Just like you love any part of your body [04:15:45]

Going to give class, live from the Dallas Temple Bhagavad Gita 13.15-19 "Object of Knowledge" [23:57:50]

@sequinstockings iPhone most definitely.I have all the Vedas in my pocketPocket Vedabase app.With Krishna’s is all about what is the purpose [15:39:49]

RT @Rosherrrs: The Hare Krishna people on Oxford street were so jokes today, singing really loudly, they wanted everyone to join in! Twa … [15:37:27]

@AnasLand13 all about Hare Krishna [15:29:18]

RT @sambmackay: Ah. I just got waved and smiled at mid dance by a hare krishna-it really made me laugh for half the length of regents st … [15:28:29]

#dailyquestion if I could be of any other nationality? hmm Brijbasi, a citizen of Vrindavan [15:26:29]

Someone donated an avocado to Kalachandji on the altar however the cook did not pick it up because he thought it was a donated Shaligram lol [15:20:40]

"The devotees of the Lord are always in the heart of the Lord, and the Lord is always in the hearts of the devotees." [04:24:02]

living beings who are in the material world are all disintegrated parts and parcels of the supreme whole [04:57:34]

The astounding feature of such dealings is that a devotee can please the Lord by playing the part of an enemy. [05:03:10] went to meeting SAT @DFW Hindu temple. Artist painted Gaura [04:41:32] Uncultured man wants to see a woman naked. But that has become a fashion nowadays. Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.8.24 LA 1973 [19:11:48]

I liked a YouTube video — Harinam @ Deep Ellum Arts Fair – Dallas 4/3/10 [19:04:23]

Learned from @rupaschomaker how to make a #iTunes smart playlist so that lectures that I listen to will be removed from the list after playd [16:51:47]

All my my apps on Iphone stopped working except the ones that it came with. Seems like it had something to do with the ipad release & up … [06:04:58]

Going on Maha Harinam @ the #DeepEllumArtsfair [00:34:41]

Hare Krishna Tattoos for Amanda @ my only tattoo, the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra in Sanskrit [16:13:35]

wrote a new blog Hare Krishna Miniature Goat Farm Opening day: Mother Sarasvati after years of research studied v… [01:03:13]

ISKCON Vows to Fight LA Airport Ban on Soliciting Donations | ISKCON News [22:04:02] Rāmānanda Das now weighes 6lbs 7oz! [19:56:16] Getting ready for the 7pm class/interview [23:24:50] temple donations for Gopi’s next play [21:28:51]

Sanskrit lesson #1 "change in meter generally means a change in the direction of the conversation." – Mukunda Datta Prabhu [03:45:55]

I hate the way they scream when you boil them…. [23:20:02]

wrote a new blog Ramayana – the drama – performed at Kalachandji’s: Mother Gopi Gita and Gopi Krishna got to fe… [19:03:00] posted Post-Modern Vedanta S2-E4-Love & Animals on [16:38:25] Check out Rupa’s photos of the Ramayana play on Flickr!! There great [16:33:40]

Rāmānanda Dās [14:46:56]