New Inmate Artwork

Hare Krsna, dear devotees!

Hare Krsna, dear devotees!

For a long time I have wanted to share some beautiful Krsna conscious artwork the inmates have made. Recently, Sanjay Goel prabhu has generously donated a wireless printer/scanner so I can scan the inmates’ artwork. Then, our neighbor and friend, Mahakrti prabhu, very kindly came to the IPM office and installed a program to convert pdf files into jpeg. Thanks to these devotees’ help, I am happy to announce that there’s NEW ARTWORK on the IPM website ( and that gradually, more will be uploaded. Please take a few minutes to see these never-seen-before windows to the spiritual world!

Also, at this moment, there is a golden opportunity to sponsor the mailing of 50 BTGs every month, which comes to $100 a month. 50 BTGs are already being sponsored monthly by a generous devotee who wishes to remain anonymous, and you can make a huge difference in sponsoring the other 50.
BTGs play a very important role in the inmates’ development of Krsna consciousness, as you can read from the following quote:

“I can’t express how vital BTG is in helping me maintain my sanity in this environment. I set up my makeshift altar on my bed in this 50-men dormitory-style barrack almost daily, time permitting. I line up photos of my spiritual master, Their Lordships Sri-Sri Radha Nila-Madhava (from Houston) and Baladeva, Subhadra & Jagannatha (from Philadelphia). Then I lay out copies of 2-3 BTGs, opened to harinama photos or articles, BG, etc. I rise around 1:30-2:00 am, clean up, and then start on my japa. All the men can see me do this daily, and a few ask questions or sometimes make sarcastic or crude comments behind my back. So be it. Some I can help, some are beyond help!”
Bruce Kirwan
Pine Bluff, AR

More news:
In the last two weeks, I have been in contact with two inmates that have been released. They are very enthusiastic and determined to continue practicing Krsna consciousness and very grateful for the support IPM is providing them. They need guidance in many areas; diet, habits, association, etc. You can make a huge difference in their life.
If you would like to be part of the support group for ex-inmates, please contact me. If you want to keep your phone number private, you can very easily procure a Google phone number for free, that you re-route to the phone number of your choice. Please let me know if you are interested; supporting the inmate bhaktas once they are released is a vital part of their Krsna conscious journey!

The wonderful preaching done through IPM is only possible due to the generosity and support of all of you devotees. On behalf of all the IPM volunteers, I want to thank all our well-wishers. We appreciate and are very grateful. Thank you!

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