To Begin Coming to Krishna: How Much Faith is Enough?

Shri Madhava

How much faith is enough?
5%, 20%, 50% or
100% in one part
of the philosophy
by which we can
accept the rest?
How much faith
is required to
try something new
drive, fly or walk
in the dark?

Shri Madhava

How much faith is enough?
5%, 20%, 50% or
100% in one part
of the philosophy
by which we can
accept the rest?
How much faith
is required to
try something new
drive, fly or walk
in the dark?

We experienced something
in and about Prabhupada
his character, wisdom, kindness
so we loved him
serving tirelessly
to please him
or make him smile—
then we were happy.

The process continues
with gurus
present today
charming and capturing
disciple’s faith
dissolving doubts
encouraging them
to serve Krishna
and to gain
their own experience.

Faith in Krishna
is more than
just mental belief;
the Spiritual Word
is the land of
Faith, Upliftment, Bliss
the Material World
the land of Doubt,
Delusion, Misery.

Devotees of Krishna
have various levels of
faith, realization,
or experience—
enough to dedicate
a major portion
of their life
to the ideal of
Krishna Prema (love)
though they still
have material
desires or attachments.

Even if I were
a pure devotee
like Prabhupada
or others today,
experiencing Krishna
tangibly–you still
might not believe
my words
finding faults in me.

Who can take
up Bhakti?
Someone who has
received blessings
from pure devotees
from the past life
or today.

Read my biography
here, trying to
understand it
giving me the
benefit of belief
in truth’s possibility;
how my life
unraveled at 19
in answer to
my inner call
the intensity of
dormant longing
for Krishna which
amazed and excitedly
convinced this
formally dull person.

How could I
so easily
give up (even externally)
my material possessions
prospects for
“happy” life
girl friend, education
or career to live
as an ashram monk?

A material explanation
could also be given
looking at my family
the counterculture 60’s
yet the Gita’s perspective
tells us this was
all to revive my
dormant past life’s
stock of spirituality.

Dear friend,
looking at the world
I find no conception
which excites me
no lasting goal or
happiness I can embrace—
though admittedly not pure
I am some kind of devotee
with the conviction
that this is a wonderfully
satisfying path
even imperfectly followed.

It’s potentially for all
yet few are interested
only if you have
great necessity
to try-on the path
seeing if it fits
or you can grow
into it by practice
becoming an
essence seeker.

You may have to
separate Krishna consciousness
from imperfect practitioners
or various interpreted
somehow to gain
an experience of Krishna
through chanting
devotee association
seeing the Deities
taking Prasad:
service is the
real Solace!

A little spiritual
experience of Krishna’s
mercy or presence
can be more powerful
then being materially
satisfied (?), obtaining
education, wealth
or worldly reputation—
they all pale before a
drop of Krishna’s mercy;
I and others are living
proof of this reality,
yet until you have
experience, nothing will
completely convince
you as your heart
will remain doubtful,
on the outside
licking that honey jar.

Souls can achieve
their desires so
if you like the ideals
and K.C. philosophy
remaining unable to
take it up—
pray intensely for
Divine assistance
for experience
confirmation that
this is your path;
a drop of faith is
more powerful than
an ocean of doubt;
be humble to realize
material qualifications
or intelligence will not
help us come to Krishna.

Look for the nectar
not practitioner’s faults
find devotees who
inspire you and embody
K.C, serve them in joy
as purification comes through
service that removes
Maya’s veil allowing
the soul’s wisdom to shine—
take the medicine of
the Holy Name as its
the Supreme Prayer to
obtain Krishna’s service;
Krishna is present in his
name, service, and
where devotees glorify
him with heart.

For me the charming
beauty of Krishna attracts;
the ideal of Shri Chaitanya
I embrace as my
Northern Star—
no philosophy can compare
or the sweetness of sharing
Krishna to others
the bliss of kirtana
the Deities reciprocation
more than I deserve
makes me smile
as I feel it!

This is a whole way
of life which at some
point becomes who
you are—the best way
to live; chanting 3hours
a day for 40 years
many ups and downs
though better today
then yesterday;
celebrating life
Krishna’s appearance days
or his saintly devotees
I find nothing else
to do that brings me
lasting happiness.

Is the above negated
if I am not completely pure?
or am not through with
lust or pride or material
supports—pizza, crystals etc.
If you knew me at 18
and now at 60 you
would understand how
K.C. transforms one
even an imperfect attempt,
gradually yet surely
Krishna is not through
with me yet!
I will drown in
the ocean of ecstatic bliss—
today, tomorrow, or some
life time—this I know!
Gopal Krishna and the cows