Table of Contents
Twelve Volume Set


1,270 pages, ISBN 0-89213-250-7

Chapter 1: Questions by the Sages
Chapter 2: Divinity and Divine Service
Chapter 3: Krishna Is the Source of All Incarnations
Chapter 4: The Appearance of Sri Narada
Chapter 5: Narada’s Instructions on Srimad-Bhagavatam for Vyasadeva

Table of Contents
Twelve Volume Set


1,270 pages, ISBN 0-89213-250-7

Chapter 1: Questions by the Sages
Chapter 2: Divinity and Divine Service
Chapter 3: Krishna Is the Source of All Incarnations
Chapter 4: The Appearance of Sri Narada
Chapter 5: Narada’s Instructions on Srimad-Bhagavatam for Vyasadeva
Chapter 6: Conversation Between Narada and Vyasadeva
Chapter 7: The Son of Drona Punished
Chapter 8: Prayers by Queen Kunti and Parikshit Saved
Chapter 9: The Passing Away of Bhishmadeva in the Presence of Lord Krishna
Chapter 10: Departure of Lord Krishna for Dvaraka
Chapter 11: Lord Krishna’s Entrance into Dvaraka
Chapter 12: Birth of Emperor Parikshit
Chapter 13: Dhritarashtra Quits Home
Chapter 14: The Disappearance of Lord Krishna
Chapter 15: The Pandavas Retire Timely
Chapter 16: How Parikshit received the age of Kali
Chapter 17: Punishment and Reward of Kali
Chapter 18: Maharaja Parikshit Cursed by a Brahmana Boy
Chapter 19: The Appearance of Shukadeva Goswami

763 pages, ISBN 0-89213-251-5

“The Cosmic Manifestation”
Chapter 1: The First Step in God Realization
Chapter 2: The Lord in the Heart
Chapter 3: Pure Devotional Service: The Change in Heart
Chapter 4: The Process of Creation
Chapter 5: The Cause of All Causes
Chapter 6: Purusha-shukta Confirmed
Chapter 7: Scheduled Incarnations with Specific Functions
Chapter 8: Questions by King Parikshit
Chapter 9: Answers by Citing the Lord’s Version
Chapter 10: Bhagavatam Is the Answer to All Questions


“The Status Quo”

Third Canto, Part One

850 pages, ISBN 0-89213-252-3

Chapter 1: Questions by Vidura
Chapter 2: Remembrance of Lord Krishna
Chapter 3: The Lord’s Pastimes Out of Vrindavana
Chapter 4: Vidura Approaches Maitreya
Chapter 5: Vidura’s Talks with Maitreya
Chapter 6: Creation of the Universal Form
Chapter 7: Further Inquires by Vidura
Chapter 8: Manifestation of Brahma from Garbhodakashayi Vishnu
Chapter 9: Brahma’s Prayers for Creative Energy
Chapter 10: Divisions of the Creation
Chapter 11: Calculation of Time, from the Atom
Chapter 12: Creation of the Kumaras and Others
Chapter 13: The Appearance of Lord Varaha
Chapter 14: Pregnancy of Diti in the Evening
Chapter 15: Description of the Kingdom of God
Chapter 16: The Two Doorkeepers of Vaikuntha, Jaya and Vijaya, Cursed by the Sages

Third Canto, Part Two
987 pages, ISBN 0-89213-253-1

Chapter 17: Victory of Hiranyaksha Over All the Directions of the Universe
Chapter 18: The Battle Between Lord Boar and the Demon Hiranyaksha
Chapter 19: The Killing of the Demon Hiranyaksha
Chapter 20: Conversation Between Maitreya and Vidura
Chapter 21: Conversation Between Manu and Kardama
Chapter 22: The Marriage of Kardama Muni and Devahuti
Chapter 23: Devahuti’s Lamentation
Chapter 24: The Renunciation of Kardama Muni
Chapter 25: The Glories of Devotional Service
Chapter 26: Fundamental Principles of Material Nature
Chapter 27: Understanding Material Nature
Chapter 28: Kapila’s Instructions on the Execution of Devotional Service
Chapter 29: Explanation of Devotional Service by Lord Kapila
Chapter 30: Description by Lord Kapila of Adverse Fruitive
Chapter 31: Lord Kapila’s Instructions on the Movements of the Living Entities
Chapter 32: Entanglement in Fruitive Activities
Chapter 33: Activities of Kapila

“The Creation of the Fourth Order”

Fourth Canto, Part One
998 pages, ISBN 0-89213-254-x

Chapter 1: Genealogical Table of the Daughters of Manu
Chapter 2: Daksha Curses Lord Shiva
Chapter 3: Talks Between Lord Shiva and Sati
Chapter 4: Sati Quits Her Body
Chapter 5: Frustration of the Sacrifice of Daksha
Chapter 6: Brahma Satisfies Lord Shiva
Chapter 7: The Sacrifice Performed by Daksha
Chapter 8: Dhruva Maharaja Leaves Home for the Forest
Chapter 9: Dhruva Maharaja Returns Home
Chapter 10: Dhruva Maharaja’s Fight With the Yakshas
Chapter 11: Svayambhuva Manu Advises Dhruva Maharaja to Stop Fighting
Chapter 12: Dhruva Maharaja Goes Back to Godhead
Chapter 13: Description of the Descendants of Dhruva Maharaja
Chapter 14: The Story of King Vena
Chapter 15: King Prithu’s Appearance and Coronation
Chapter 16: Praise of King Prithu by the Professional Reciters
Chapter 17: Maharaja Prithu Becomes Angry at the Earth
Chapter 18: Prithu Maharaja Milks the Earth Planet
Chapter 19: King Prithu’s One Hundred Horse Sacrifices

Fourth Canto, Part Two
1,087 pages, ISBN 0-89213-255-8

Chapter 20: Lord Vishnu’s Appearance in the Sacrificial Arena of Maharaja Prithu
Chapter 21: Instructions by Maharaja Prithu
Chapter 22: Prithu Maharaja’s Meeting with the Four Kumaras
Chapter 23: Maharaja Prithu’s Going Back Home
Chapter 24: Chanting the Song Sung by Lord Shiva
Chapter 25: The Descriptions of the Characteristics of King Puranjana
Chapter 26: King Puranjana Goes to the Forest to Hunt, and His Queen Becomes Angry
Chapter 27: Attack by Candavega on the City of King Puranjana: the Character of Kalakanya
Chapter 28: Puranjana Becomes a Woman in the Next Life
Chapter 29: Talks Between Narada and King Prachinabarhi
Chapter 30: The Activities of the Pracetas
Chapter 31: Narada Instructs the Pracetas

1,077 pages, ISBN 0-89213-256-6

“The Creative Impetus”
Chapter 1: The Activities of Maharaja Priyavrata
Chapter 2: The Activities of Maharaja Agnidhra
Chapter 3: Rshabhadeva’s Appearance in the Womb of Merudevi, the Wife of King Nabhi
Chapter 4: The Characteristics of Rishabhadeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead
Chapter 5: Lord Rishabhadeva’s Teachings to His Sons
Chapter 6: The Activities of Lord Rishabhadeva
Chapter 7: The Activities of King Bharata
Chapter 8: A Description of the Character of Bharata Maharaja
Chapter 9: The Supreme Character of Jada Bharata
Chapter 10: The Discussion Between Jada Bharata and Maharaja Rahugana
Chapter 11: Jada Bharata Instructs King Rahugana
Chapter 12: Conversation Between Maharaja Rahugana and Jada Bharata
Chapter 13: Further Talks Between King Rahugana and Jada Bharata
Chapter 14: The Material World as the Great Forest of Enjoyment
Chapter 15: The Glories of the Descendants of King Priyavrata
Chapter 16: A Description of Jambudvipa
Chapter 17: The Descent of the River Ganges
Chapter 18: The Prayers Offered to the Lord by the Residents of Jambudvipa
Chapter 19: A Description of the Island of Jambudvipa
Chapter 20: Studying the Structure of the Universe
Chapter 21: The Movements of the Sun
Chapter 22: The Orbits of the Planets
Chapter 23: The Shishumara Planetary Systems
Chapter 24: The Subterranean Heavenly Planets
Chapter 25: The Glories of Lord Ananta
Chapter 26: A Description of the Hellish Planet

997 pages, ISBN 0-89213-257-4

“Prescribed Duties for Mankind”
Chapter 1: The History of the Life of Ajamila
Chapter 2: Ajamila Delivered by the Vishnudutas
Chapter 3: Yamaraja Instructs His Messengers
Chapter 4: The Hamsa-guhya Prayers
Chapter 5: Narada Muni Cursed by Prajapati Daksha
Chapter 6: The Progeny of the Daughters of Daksha
Chapter 7: Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Brihaspati
Chapter 8: The Narayana-kavaca Shield
Chapter 9: Appearance of the Demon Vritrasura
Chapter 10: The Battle Between the Demigods and Vritrasura
Chapter 11: The Transcendental Qualities of Vritrasura
Chapter 12: Vritrasura’s Glorious Death
Chapter 13: King Indra Afflicted by Sinful Reaction
Chapter 14: King Chitraketu’s Lamentation
Chapter 15: The Saints Narada and Angira Instruct King Chitraketu
Chapter 16: King Chitraketu Meets the Supreme Lord
Chapter 17: Mother Parvati Curses Chitraketu
Chapter 18: Diti Vows to Kill King Indra
Chapter 19: Performing the Pumshavana Ritualistic Ceremony

1,049 pages, ISBN 0-89213-258-2

“The Science of God”
Chapter 1: The Supreme Lord Is Equal to Everyone
Chapter 2: Hiranyakashipu, King of the Demons
Chapter 3: Hiranyakashipu’s Plan to Become Immortal
Chapter 4: Hiranyakashipu Terrorizes the Universe
Chapter 5: Prahlada Maharaja, the Saintly Son of Hiranyakashipu
Chapter 6: Prahlada Instructs His Demoniac Schoolmates
Chapter 7: What Prahlada Learned in the Womb
Chapter 8: Lord Nrisimhadeva Slays the King of the Demons
Chapter 9: Prahlada Pacifies Lord Nrisimhadeva with Prayers
Chapter 10: Prahlada, the Best Among Exalted Devotees
Chapter 11: The Perfect Society: Four Social Classes
Chapter 12: The Perfect Society: Four Spiritual Classes
Chapter 13: The Behavior of a Perfect Person
Chapter 14: Ideal Family Life
Chapter 15: Instructions for Civilized Human Beings

979 pages, ISBN 0-89213-259-0

“Withdrawal of the Cosmic Creations”
Chapter 1: The Manus, Administrators of the Universe
Chapter 2: The Elephant Gajendra’s Crisis
Chapter 3: Gajendra’s Prayers of Surrender
Chapter 4: Gajendra Returns to the Spiritual World
Chapter 5: The Demigods Appeal to the Lord for Protection
Chapter 6: The Demigods and Demons Declare a Truce
Chapter 7: Lord Shiva Saves the Universe by Drinking Poison
Chapter 8: The Churning of the Milk Ocean
Chapter 9: The Lord Incarnates as Mohini-murti
Chapter 10: The Battle Between the Demigods and the Demons
Chapter 11: King Indra Annihilates the Demons
Chapter 12: The Mohini-murti Incarnation Bewilders Lord Shiva
Chapter 13: Description of Future Manus
Chapter 14: The System of Universal Management
Chapter 15: Bali Maharaja Conquers the Heavenly Planets
Chapter 16: Executing the Payo-vrata Process of Worship
Chapter 17: The Supreme Lord Agrees to Become Aditi’s Son
Chapter 18: Lord Vamanadeva, the Dwarf Incarnation
Chapter 19: Lord Vamanadeva Begs Charity from Bali Maharaja
Chapter 20: Bali Maharaja Surrenders the Universe
Chapter 21: Bali Maharaja Arrested by the Lord
Chapter 22: Bali Maharaja Surrenders His Life
Chapter 23: The Demigods Regain the Heavenly Planets
Chapter 24: Matsya, the Lord’s Fish Incarnation

923 pages, ISBN 0-89213-260-4

Chapter 1: King Sudyumna Becomes a Woman
Chapter 2: The Dynasties of the Sons of Manu
Chapter 3: The Marriage of Sukanya and Chyavana Muni
Chapter 4: Ambarisha Maharaja Offended by Durvasa Muni
Chapter 5: Durvasa Muni’s Life Spared
Chapter 6: The Downfall of Shaubhari Muni
Chapter 7: The Descendants of King Mandhata
Chapter 8: The Sons of Sagara Meet Lord Kapiladeva
Chapter 9: The Dynasty of Amshuman
Chapter 10: The Pastimes of the Supreme Lord, Ramachandra
Chapter 11: Lord Ramachandra Rules the World
Chapter 12: The Dynasty of Kusha, the Son of Lord Ramachandra
Chapter 13: The Dynasty of Maharaja Nimi
Chapter 14: King Pururava Enchanted by Urvashi
Chapter 15: Parashurama, the Lord’s Warrior Incarnation
Chapter 16: Lord Parashurama Destroys the World’s Ruling Class
Chapter 17: The Dynasties of the Sons of Pururava
Chapter 18: King Yayati Regains His Youth
Chapter 19: King Yayati Achieves Liberation
Chapter 20: The Dynasty of Puru
Chapter 21: The Dynasty of Bharata
Chapter 22: The Descendants of Ajamidha
Chapter 23: The Dynasties of the Sons of Yayati
Chapter 24: Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead

“The Summum Bonum”

Tenth Canto, Part One
847 pages, ISBN 0-89213-261-2

Chapter 1: The Advent of Lord Krishna: Introduction
Chapter 2: Prayers by the Demigods for Lord Krishna in the Womb
Chapter 3: The Birth of Lord Krishna
Chapter 4: The Atrocities of King Kamsa
Chapter 5: The Meeting of Nanda Maharaja and Vasudeva
Chapter 6: The Killing of the Demon Putana
Chapter 7: The Killing of the Demon Trinavarta
Chapter 8: Lord Krishna Shows the Universal Form Within His Mouth
Chapter 9: Mother Yashoda Binds Lord Krishna
Chapter 10: Deliverance of the Yamala-arjuna Trees
Chapter 11: The Childhood Pastimes of Krishna
Chapter 12: The Killing of the Demon Aghasura
Chapter 13: The Stealing of the Boys and Calves by Brahma

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