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!!Shri Krishna-Arpan-Namastu!!Shri Krishna! From last 5000 years who is ruling the expressed n unexpressed feelings of all the Indians – A Yugpurush!

!!Shri Krishna-Arpan-Namastu!!Shri Krishna! From last 5000 years who is ruling the expressed n unexpressed feelings of all the Indians – A Yugpurush!

I recently finished reading this novel “Yugandhar” by Shivaji Sawant the 6th time. But each time I read it, I get a totally new meaning from the same lines n words which I have read twice before. Well, you’ll say that I must have mugged up the atleast 3/4th of the novel uptill now, n that is true! But still when I take it in my hands, I automatically get eager to read it once again, to know whether there is some more of the Krishna which I have not yet understood even after reading so many times. The way that Shivaji Sawant has presented each n every, known n unknown incident of Shri Krishna’s life makes one to believe that he was a Yugpurush.

Due to the nature of adapting what the forefathers have said, done n believed n great amount of illlitracy, specially in the rural areas we have made Shri Krishna one of the Gods. Without even looking at all the stories through a different angle, told n known about him, we have made him one who should be worshipped. Whereas if one looks practically n strategically at each of his thoughts, moves n deeds, we’ll understand that he is not only to be worshiped, but everything he has done n said is to be learned n implemented.

The various characters he played,
– the Kanha who used to steal Makhan from all the houses in Gokul his motive behind this being that, each n every house in the Gokul was his own, the lesson of My Country is my Home
– the Kanhayya who played with the Gopis n also teased them but was still their loved one, n the one who gave a totally new meaning to the relationship of a man n a woman with the help of Radha
– the Krishna who killed Kans the symbol of terrorism n cruelness n freed all the Yadavas
– the Murlidhar who made the whole world mad due to his Murli n taught the importance of music.
– the Krishna who studied at the Gurukul n obeyed his Guru teaching the importance of education n the Guru in every persons life
– the Vasudev who ruled his kingdom n gave the example of an ideal leadership
– the Keshav who gave a new meaning n importance to the sister-brother relationship n also to the husband-wife relationship
– the Achyut who fought for the Pandavas representing the side of truth n justice n against the Kauravas representing Asatya
– the Shri Krishna who was responsible for the famous Mahabharat yudh, which proved the win of Justice over Injustice, who helped many people to attain Moksh
– the Yugpurush who made the Yug that he lived a History!

He Preached so many examples n teachings by first following it himself, the importance of Mother, Friend, Lover, Husband, Brother, King, each n every role played by a human being in his life. Such a different meaning of every small thing!

The most important n one which will be useful to every human being till they persist is The BagvadGita! The thoughts that are applicable, no matter how n to what extent the world n people change.

He is the only one who is considered more as a friend than as a God. The Morpankh got a very different meaning due to him n is dear to all.

Well, I’ll never stop writing n describing him as he himself has so much in him. But the most he is known for is the meaning he gave to Love, the eternal truth!

!!Shri Krishna-Arpan-Namastu!!

BY Shripad