Who Is It for?

Krishna consciousness is meant for any reasonable person looking for reasonable answers to questions like “Who am I?”, “Where did everything come from?”, and “What is the point of life?” It’s for anyone interested in becoming free from all miseries (including—but not limited to—birth, death, old age, and disease) and experiencing their true, authentic, blissful self in relationship with the supreme self.

Krishna consciousness is not for you if you can’t stand the idea that anything exists besides matter, if you think one life is all we get, that the body and the self are one and the same, that all of reality popped into existence without any cause—for no good reason, and that the happiness and distress we get in this world is perfectly acceptable. Unless you’re open to reasonable, alternative suggestions.

What kind of people practice Krishna consciousness? Find first-hand accounts from real-life practitioners here:

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