Are You a Writer?



Do you have a blog on Krishna consciousness? If you’re interested in writing for, this is one of the best ways to show us how well you write. We encourage interested writers in blogging about their Krishna conscious experiences and realizations. Not only is it wonderfully inspiring for other people to read, but it shows us your writing skills and helps us find your strengths. If you have a blog, let us know so we can look at it and possibly include you in our Blogs section of the site. We could then encourage you to tailor some of your existing writing, or create new articles on specific topics for the audiences.


We also encourage potential writers to visit our writers’ forum to get a better understanding of the needs and standards of writing for Our editor manager moderates in our writing forum, so that our writers can offer each other advice, support, and encouragement, while we share a common goal of writing and refreshing content for the site.

Back to Godhead magazine

Another very important way to contribute your writing skills is to write for Back to Godhead magazine. Although the writing requirements for the magazine are significantly different from, many of the articles from BTG are published online either in the BTG section of, or in our online reading area. If you have an idea of an article you would like to write for the magazine, please contact us so we can work with you to develop a final, printable article.