Eyes & Ears

Look & Click

Look & Click

Things happen. If you use a computer, you know that sometimes something happens and you don’t know why. The same is true for Krishna.com. After all of these years, with all of the changes in software and technology, a page that looked fine last year may not be fine anymore. Maybe there’s a missing picture, or a link that doesn’t go where it should. Maybe the layout has changed and the text runs off the page in a strange way. Maybe a video stops in the middle and an error message pops up. Or an audio or music file is no longer available when you click on the play button. It happens, unfortunately.

We always need the extra eyes and ears to comb through Krishna.com, look at pages, watch videos, listen to music and lectures, and click on links. If something doesn’t look like it should, if you find a typo, or something doesn’t play, or a link doesn’t go where it should, let us know. Copy the page URL from the top of your browser window and choose ‘Contact Us’ from the top menu. In the contact form, paste the URL into the message box and then tell us specifically what is wrong on the page you were viewing so that we can fix it. Be sure to use your current email address so that if we have questions, we can respond for more information from you.

Read & Interact

Many sections of Krishna.com now have features where visitors can rate a page or article, and also the option of commenting on them. Not only does the rating and commenting help other visitors know what articles and pages people like, it helps us gauge how relevant an article is to our readers. Articles that are not popular or not clear can be identified and rewritten when people rate them low. Articles and pages that get a lot of comments and discussion show us that readers are excited about a topic and we can provide more to read, watch, and listen to. So please explore Krishna.com and give us and your fellow visitors feedback on the articles you read and the pages you visit.


If you have a good working knowledge of proper English (American English) spelling and grammar, and a detail oriented approach to reading, you probably know you are a good proofreader. We absolutely need your skills on Krishna.com. Even if you aren’t a strong proofreader, if you can catch simple mistakes you can use your help. We’re constantly adding pages to the site, and typos and errors can slip through the cracks when existing pages are edited as well. We need readers to methodically read through pages, looking for errors.

If you find a typo, misspelling, or grammatical error, copy the URL of the page you are on, choose ‘Contact Us’ from the top navigation (if you right click to open the page in a new tab or window, your original page with the error will remain open for reference), and paste the page URL into the message box. After that, it would be helpful to also copy and paste the sentence or area of text that has the error in it, perhaps with an explanation of exactly what needs to be fixed.